Back to Instinct Fun-Park for rodents and dwarf rabbits


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Rodents and dwarf rabbits sniff their food in the wild. Sense organs are very pronounced in rabbits and rodents. It is therefore very important that you can live your instincts at home.
Not only does this activity help balance and reduce your pet’s stress, but you’ll also enjoy watching it.
You can hide attached JR drops in turrets and gaps. Your pet will immediately start foraging.
The amusement park consists of tubes of natural fibers wrapped in hay and can be consumed completely.
Your pet can also take care of the amusement park unsupervised.

100% natural materials
promotes the search instinct
suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, gerbils, hamsters
For Degus remove red and orange drops, these contain carrots and
and therefore a small portion of fructose
275 grams


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