Cat Toilet Cat Residence Gray Cat


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This cat toilet is not just a cat toilet, but a real cat residence.
The litter box not only shines with its appearance, but also with its functionality. With its modern design, the Residence Cat fits perfectly into any interior. Thanks to its total dimensions of 54.9 × 45.9 × 49.2 cm (inner dimensions: approx. 50 × 42 × 38 cm), the cat litter box also offers enough space for large cats.

Thanks to a simple ratchet mechanism, the hinged door can be locked so that the cat must choose the upper exit to exit the toilet. The grid surface on the roof traps particles that adhere to paws and provides cats with an ideal sleeping surface.

The cat toilet is equipped with an integrated activated carbon filter and constantly provides fresh air, both inside and outside.
Cleaning the Cat Residence is a snap thanks to the unique opening mechanism that allows the top grille and front door to open simultaneously.
Includes an ergonomic scoop that can be attached to the cat litter box.


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