Climber climbing bag


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Use for domestic cats
can be placed or hung
can also be hung as a whole rug on a wall
Longest 240cm
Closed diameter 16 cm
The Climber climbing bag made of high-quality sisal carpet is the ideal climbing and playing ground for all cats who like to climb. The Climber Bag can be hung from the ceiling using mounting hardware and thus offers cats the opportunity to let off steam and satisfy their urge to move in almost any room. The climbing bag can also be hung from porches or stair railings in houses and apartments. Thus, the cats have a playful way to climb to the upper floor – what fun!
The climbing bag is also suitable for rooms with a lower ceiling, as it can be easily folded or rolled up at the bottom. The climbing bag is de livered unassembled. Before use, simply place the supplied filling cushions in the sisal mat and close it with the sewn-in zipper.


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