Dog leash


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A unique design that combines the durability and strength of a spring
with a standard bungee cord.
The Bungee-Z system absorbs the force of quick pulls. The more the dog pulls, the more resistance he feels!
And if the dog unexpectedly jumps on the leash, the shock is dampened – the blows to your shoulders and shoulders are thus reduced.
and elbows are reduced and your four-legged friend also benefits through the weakening of forces.

Reduces biting on the leash
The leash is adapted to the anatomy of the jaw, so that it is simply impossible for your dog to chew.
You will find that your dog will no longer enjoy biting the leash.

Intuitive length adjustment
Thanks to this system, the IDEALEASH can also be used hands-free, for example as a jogging leash.


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