Eat Slow Live Longer triangle puzzle


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Mental stimulation during mealtime for your dog
Puzzle games are important for dogs as they stimulate their minds and help keep them mentally and physically occupied. It can also help reduce behavioral issues such as boredom and destructive behavior.
It has the benefit of strengthening the bond between owner and dog as they work together to solve a puzzle. Some of the benefits of jigsaw puzzles for dogs include reducing anxiety and stress, improving memory and problem-solving skills, and boosting the dog’s mental and physical health.
Eat Slow Live Longer puzzles are made from food grade recycled plastic combined with wood fibers. This new manufacturing process is unique in the world and makes these puzzles even more durable and stronger, while preserving the environment. Finally, these puzzles are equipped with non-slip feet for optimal support during the realization of the puzzles.
Stimulate the dog’s mind
Reduce behavioral issues such as boredom and destructive behaviors
Strengthen the bond between owner and dog
Reduce anxiety and stress
Improve memory and problem solving skills
Strengthen the mental and physical health of the dog
Made of food-grade material, recycled plastic with wood fibers
Stronger and more durable thanks to a unique manufacturing process
With non-slip feet.


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