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Spiral Bungee: The thick yarn wrapped inside the cotton rope is durable and bite resistant. Ideal toy for parrot in the shape of a parrot.

Bells Swing: Made of high quality metal, safe and durable. With colorful bells that make the sound nice, nice to be a birdcage entertainment tool.

Steel hooks easily connect to the cage.

Suitable for small to medium sized parrots such as cockatiels,  parakeets, parakeets, lovebirds, parrots, parrots,, etc.

Package includes spiral bungee jump and swing.


Bungee Spiral

Material: cotton and metal

Diameter: about 1.7cm

Total length: about 2m

Bells Swing

Material: iron

Color: random color

Size (L x W): Approx 250 x 37mm

The package includes:

1 Piece Rope Toy

1 Piece Bell Thong


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